Oklahoma skies, wildflower and bunnies

I woke up late for work today. Got my coffee and started to take my meds and realized it was Saturday so I went outside to watch the sun rise with Angel and watch my wildflowers glisten in the morning dew. 

We saw the little bunny that lives in the field. Angel is so old now she doesn’t even get up to chase them. We enjoy our Oklahoma sky and are thankful for wildflowers and bunnies that visit.


18 thoughts on “Oklahoma skies, wildflower and bunnies

  1. Haha Bling! I’m so happy you love it. I took that with my iPhone so it’s to very clear. I didn’t want anyone to miss our little visitor that Angel and I love so much! ❤ ❥ ❣


    • Hello my sweet friend. I can’t remember if I shared with you or not but I’ve broken my L3 in my back in April so I’m not visiting as much. I’m on the mend but still saving all my energy for work. Thank you for your friendship. I hope your summer is fun and lots of wonderful steamy adventures for you! LOL That made me laugh just typing it. ❤ ❥ ❣


      • Ah steamy would be nice but in the fall…haha, it`s kinda hot here right now. I`m so sorry about your injury. Do take care…sending you healing hugs, Michelle Marie xx


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