My late blooming Crepe Myrtle


My crepe myrtles bloomed late this year. I’m happy for that because I was able to get some photos. I completely missed summer this year, because of my injury. I’m happy to say today makes the 2nd full week I’ve worked at the office, since April 5. This healing business isn’t easy. Happy Friday. Happy weekend to you sweet friends! ❤

19 thoughts on “My late blooming Crepe Myrtle

    1. Me ok me too! I really am noticing it more and more the more I rest which is hard to believe. It felt like I would never be painfree. I’m still wearing my brace when I work but I’m so much better. Thank you for our prayers! – Also ALEX is walking again and wanted to apply for a sit down job. she sent her resume to a neurologist in Tulsa. They interviewed her the next day and hired her on the spot. We had planned for her to rest till the first of next year but she said mom I can do this. Interesting how the very type of dr she needs hires her to work for her. I’m proud of how string she is. She was diagnosed with MS and Fibermyalgia. Still she is blind in her right eye but so resillant. I wanted to share this with you in case anyone is wondering about Alex. I may make a post today about it. I love you and thank you for your prayers and friendship! ❤️

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      1. This is wonderful news! God works miracles in ways which we don’t always understand. Alex is strong and wants to stay busy. She’s a special young lady, but you already know this! I am always praying for you and Alex! I don’t think the right eye being blind will hinder her from anything. Congratulations to her on her career move. Hired on the spot…She’s awesome! So glad to hear your getting better by the day. Rest does help to heal the body. You’re a special friend! Love you.💜💖


    1. Thank you Kirt. I’m so thankful to be feeling better. I’ve never had a broken bone or back injury. For that matter I’ve never been seriously injured before. Lots of prayer none of them fancy mostly HELP! Lol 😂

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