Some call it confidence…others call it faith…


Some call it confidence…
others call it faith…
I believe it’s the thing that frees
life itself…to love wide open without fear!
I am not afraid to say so…

I only hope that something I say will stick
and makes a difference…

14 thoughts on “Some call it confidence…others call it faith…

    • Hi Angel friend I was sharing about you to Alex yesterday. Her doctor said with this last episode he thinks it’s MS. Alex did get a job which is hard to believe I know but she said she didn’t want any disease to stop her. I told her about you and how you’ve had children and lived a long life. Not one free of pain at all but such an understanding for suffering and empathy! I’m so happy in my heart to know you! ❤ I love you!

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      • I’m dancing inside myself at the good news about Alex getting a job. Please let her know that October is MS Awareness month — always shared with and taking a back seat to Breast Cancer. Send her an orange flower and let her know that is our color. She has spunk, just like her Mom, and I’m so proud of her for coming to this point. It took me 40 years to be diagnosed, and all the stuff I had to take from everyone simply because no one ever heard of MS back then was more painful than the actual disease. All in retrospect, of course, based on what I know now. Ya just can’t unring a bell that began banging at me when I was a kid, but we all have to choose how to live the rest of our lives. I know I’ve told you how much it helped just to have a name for what was wrong after all those years.
        And yes, a mostly normal life is possible, even with MS looming in the shadows just waiting for us to relax and take a deep breath. The best solution for me was to begin laughing at all the stupid things that happen on a daily basis. Prettier wrinkles when she gets old and decrepit like me. If she ever wants to contact me it is okay for her to do so. I got more support from a stranger in Florida when I was dx’d, and after a couple of hours on the phone with me that angel of a man had me calm and collected, and even beginning to find the humor in the crazy disease that no one here ever learned to understand. Their loss, not mine. From everything you have told me about Alex, I have a feeling she will make it and even find her own brand of humor. Oh, yeah! We will never have dementia or Alzheimers, because we have MS and no one will ever know we have anything else wrong inside those brains. Love you, Pink Angel Friend!. >3 >3 >3


      • AWE I love you too Angel friend! It sure is a lot to digest. Alex is working for a neurologist now so it’s kind of neat that she has just the right doctor show up when needed. She’s very excited about working. I’m proud of her and her strength, she wants to live as normal a life as she can so she’s making plans. I love that! xoxo Pink Angel Friend! ❤

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      • That sounds like a dream job, Pink Angel Friend. Ideal for anyone with a neurological problem, which covers most of the world’s population. I, personally, am looking for a new brain to try a DIY brain transplant on myself. Only a few necessary attributes for the possible donor — a young, working brain, of course, preferably female so I won’t have to learn how to work with new impulses, a non-smoker, so I won’t have to spend months kicking the habit, well, you get the idea. After I get used to the new brain I’ll begin considering a new bod to go with it. 🙂 Love you Sweet Friend. ❤ ❤ ❤


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