My Heart and Love goes on


My heart wants to honor your loss
My heart wants to hold you
and remind you that
The Heart and Love
goes on
It never changes
People change and circumstances change
But the Love is always there
Even when the body is gone
Still in My Heart my Love goes on

I’m so moved by this season of celebration and yet some are quietly suffering with loss. Loss of a loved one that will never go away. I’m moved by the fact that somehow I’ve managed to realize through the loss of my Pa… that he’s still with me inside my heart and the love goes on and on. It never stops. I think of him every day and am reminded of him in the season and smells. My heart wanted to reach out to those of you who I hold dearly in my heart that are suffering loss and cannot find it in your heart to think Christmas is a good thing. I know this feeling well and it’s okay to skip this year.

13 thoughts on “My Heart and Love goes on

  1. I know a couple of people who are going through something like this. I wanted to skip Christmas this year, but I don’t think my kids would be happy with it lol.

    Make sure you keep up the smiles M.


    • Thank you A. I emailed you back. I am skipping Christmas this year. I am having my little nephew Ezra come spend sometime with me after Cmas. I know when Alex was little we loved Cmas but now I’m so tired it’s just too much to deal with so I’m skipping it! I always smile when I see messages from you! Thank you A for all your encouragement! ❤ 🙂

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  2. Wonderful and emotionally powerful post. The holidays have never been the same my dad and other relatives have passed. They can still be fun after some time passes, though. They’re fun, just different.


    • AWE thank you. You are right about that. You can still have fun. I was working today which I normally don’t do on the weekends and was listening to music and it hit me that my friend who lost her dad probably wasn’t wanting to celebrate the holiday she loves. Maybe in a different kind of celebration. Maybe! 🙂

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