Just a little after

Just a little after…my heart sings…It is well with my soul

19 Comments on “Just a little after

    • AWE thank you! I waited with my window open while my dog was outside. This is what I saw! It’s always such a surprise! We’ve had cloudy snow clouds all weekend so this was a fun surprising sight. ❤

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      • Hehe… very true! First thing in the morning is watching the night sky for some moments and absorbing the atmosphere… sigh!💖


      • Me too! Once I saw a shooting star and a star shower. I forgot what those are called but it was in my Eastern sky at 4 am. I imagine you see them too being further north than I am. Do you see the Northern Lights? I would love to see that with my own two eyes one day! 🙂 ❤

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      • I saw my first shooting star this February. It was amazing and so surprising. It also happened when I opened the windows in the morning and looked up to the sky…. all of sudden one star got very light and left like a rocket. No, we don’t see the Northern Lights from here. Not north enough. But it is on my bucket list and I want to see them in Iceland!


      • It always surprises me when I see one. I almost never have a camera when I do and plus they are hard to capture. It is good to know where I need to go to see the Northern Light. Iceland! Maybe one day I will go too! I hope! ❤

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      • Iceland but also the northern part of Norway, Sweden, and Finland would do it! But I want to visit Iceland also because of the amazing nature and the natural spirits.


      • OH okay my family is from Finland so maybe if I go to my homeland I’ll see them. I need to ask my Uncle to get some photos for me! How awesome it would be to stand outside and see that with my eyes! Thank you for pointing that out for me! I wasn’t sure where I could go to see them! ❤


      • Wow!!! This is awesome, Michelle! Ask your family but I think at least in the northern parts of Finland it might be seen! I am totally excited for you. If you get photos you need to post them 😉☺


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