Holding on


Holding on is perhaps
the sincerest form of loyalty,
and maybe even love,
but there’s always
something more to live for
when you’re not afraid
to let go….
I let these words sink a little deeper
Asked to see with different eyes
Shockingly enough I saw
In the letting go you found life
and the very words and actions
that were misunderstood by so many…
Now it made perfect sense to me
You had to let go to live
I see that so clearly
I hope you see this and know
It’s for you!
So happy I looked a little deeper today.
Sending my love! M

9 thoughts on “Holding on

  1. This just speaks to me tonight, Angel Friend! I so much needed to see this just at this point. I’m not doing well at the moment and then I saw this and know if will be better. 😇


    1. AWE I love you and your sweet heart! I’ve been wondering about you! I love you sweet Angel friend! I just made some art…..Miracles Happen…
      Take courage my heart
      Stay steadfast my soul
      He’s in the waiting
      Hold onto your hope
      As your triumph unfolds
      He’s never failing

      Here’s a link to my playlist I know it will help you!


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