Time flies 

Time flies…I cleaned my frig off and left these two photos of Alex. The little one she was one it was her birthday that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. The sun glasses one my friend Debbie took for me. Now she’s 23 time went so quickly. People always say that but I wanted to stop and feel it with all my heart. What a beautiful life I have. So thankful for my girl! 💕

14 thoughts on “Time flies 

    1. Girl you know how it goes! Things ebb and flow and get bad then good. I think life is like that though my doctor said Michelle if you are waiting for things to get better or stop this cycle you’re missing all the good times waiting for the bad to lift! He always has wise words of wisdom I’m thankful for that. ❤

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      1. My doctor is a teenager who just laughs at everything I say and do. She says she loves coming here just to see what I’ve done that is new.
        Yeah, I do know how it goes, but have been praying for a relapse for her. How ’bout you? The back injury? R U better


      2. I know it’s funny when you think your doctors are the age of your kid! My back…well just when I think I’m strong I take off my brace and maybe go too long without it! I’m still having trouble sitting for long periods I’m up to about 45 mins and then I have to stand. Spend most of the day sitting then standing and can’t wait to go home and lay down! I’m about 75% healed so hooray for that! I’ve never been injured so it’s hard to know what to do but just rest and wait! I know you know how that is! ღ Sending all my love to you and a big hug!

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      3. More like the grandkids for me!
        I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been there many times in life! I have to do that sitting/standing most of the time too! A few minutes and I have to move around or be so stiff and sore it hurts! It takes a long time to get limber again, and that’s the dangerous time for me. You know you always have my love, and I’m sending you a hug also! 😇 💁💑💙💚💛💜💓💟


  1. I tell people to make sure they appreciate the time with their children. It is gone almost instantly. Or it seems that way. I remember the births of my two children. It was a sunny Tuesday morning when my son was born, and I had slept in the hospital foyer the night before, and it was a dark June night when my daughter was born. I remember my daughter looking around the room with such clarity. She noticed everything. My son is 21 this year and my daughter is 19 in June.


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