14 thoughts on “Have a Golden dawn kind of day

  1. Sunrise? It’s been years since I saw the sun coming up. That’s almost sad, huh? Love you Pink Angel Friend. Missing you since I’ve been so sick. ❤


    • Oh no it’s never sad I think maybe that’s why I get to see them and share them so those that aren’t early risers get to see a sunrise every now and then maybe! I’m missing you too! I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick! ❤ Thank you for being here! ❤

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      • It’s good to be back <3. I'm making things easier now by using my new laptop or the Kindle so I don't have to take any more chances on falling again. I'm also an insomniac who never sleeps, so it's just too cold and rainy to go out in early mornings. Now that I think about it, we haven't had a sunrise for a couple of weeks this year. My view is always the sunsets. ❤


      • I’m loving the laptop, and getting more use from the Kindle now! I’m also doing more at night 🌙, and the next day just wondering why I do this to myself! It seems I get more visitors on the days I haven’t had much sleep! The Kindle stays close to me at all times. Ya just never know when you’re gonna have to look something up! 💙💚💜💝


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