Over…Being over the Moon

I used to always try to capture the full moons, till I realized it’s always the same moon. I knew this growing up as a kid but having the tools to look closer I seemed to get lost in the chase…maybe. I used to race home to get my tripod, me and Angel would traipse through the field to get just the right shot. Then one day, I just got over it. I lost the urge to photograph every single full moon. I can’t say why for certain, only that one day I just stopped. Tonight I decided to do it again.

20 thoughts on “Over…Being over the Moon

  1. I love the full moon! When I see it hanging in the black sky I always remember Neil Armstrong and his first step on the moon, and my deep desire to become an astronaut some day…


    1. Haha no 😀 😀 that was funny. I love the moon and the stars. I spend a lot of time outside looking at it. Taking photos of it has always been a hobby of mine! I still have not perfected stars yet but I will!


      1. Yes, you told about your origin. A very long way from Finland to the USA! ; -) My ancestors paternally come from Hungary or Romania. They did not wander very far 😉 Czech Republic, Austria, Germany.


      2. Haha well I know that my GGpa wanted a better life so he came here when he was 17. So very young to make sure a long trip! 😀 I think it’s wonderful to know where your ancestor come from! 🙂


    1. AWE thank you Robbie. I was thinking of my daughter how she always said I did it because I can. I really wasn’t going to take photos of the moon anymore but last night I felt to! ❤ It still fascinates me. I'm just not as obsessed with taking photos anymore. I'm not sure why but that's where I am! 😀 Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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    1. AWE I love love love this! I reblogged it! I was sitting on my porch thinking about you and you visited my blog. I was wondering how you are doing this week! 🙂 You made me smile. So humbled thank you! ♡

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    1. AWE thank you JM. It is a different season for me. I guess maybe my injury and not being able to bend down sort of made me get over that real quick. I hope I feel like taking photos again soon! 😉

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