I wait

If I can make it through

This rough time

This time when you seem 

So distant 

I know to back away 

Pushing only drives you 

Further the other way

This fine line of knowing when

To stop and wait

It’s hard to hold all this love

It’s the love that gave me the

Strength to move mountains 

For you and because of you

Maybe this is what holds me

When I want so much to reach out 

For relief. 

Instead I will wait 

18 Comments on “I wait

  1. Oh I know this feeling so well! Pushing others away, and the harder I try, the more they are pushed. And to find the self-control to just stop! The worst thing is, it is not the many victories that count, it is the few failures that add up.

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    • Before I lost power again let me say yes yes yes. We need healing here in this area that thinks and feels opposite to what is actual! Hope that makes sense. ❤ I want to help you with this!

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