Romancing her pain

I heard her cries for help
I listened to her heart
I waited till she was safe
At least or so I thought

Then I realized…

She wasn’t ship wrecked
She had wrecked her own ship
on purpose
Over and over slamming
Into the rocks
Such raged and ravaged her body

It scared me, I became silent
I could scream, I know I should
but silence overtook me
Watching from afar
Did she know she wrecked herself?
Does she know she broke her brokeness?
Wide open, writhing in pain
In a stupor of mindlessness

Romancing her pain

She waltzed with her misery
I cast a life line once more
I held myself steady
To help the broken one
I think she likes being broken

Romancing her pain

19 thoughts on “Romancing her pain

    1. Thank you Tim, it’s a painful revelation to me. It is very sad that some romance their pain. It’s exhausting! They don’t realize they are doing it I think. Because if they did they would realize how much pain they cause to those who love them. 🙂

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