I’ve been working life like a railroad

I keep thinking I might be done
Giving one more time, one more try
I’ve been working life like a railroad
thinking we would make it
through the tunnel
Always believing and seeing
There’s just another tunnel ahead
You seem to like life on the rail
I love you so
I’ll walk the rails with you

Train bridge




11 thoughts on “I’ve been working life like a railroad

  1. This is so hopeful and yet somehow its true. We go everywhere in hopes of light yet end up in tunnels. I guess you can look for the electric lights and grid cut sunlight or just lit graffiti on the walls of the tunnels.

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    1. That’s true I love trains and tunnels. Thank you for your comment I feel like sometimes we are surrounded with darkness and we are the only light still shining. I guess someone has to be the light for them to find their way back maybe ☺️

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  2. I like the poem. Cool photos. The tunnel reminded me of when we drove to Macerata, Italy from Madrid, Spain and back during an Easter week when we lived in Madrid. Starting at the French/Italy boarder driving on the autostrade, we were driving through a lot of tunnels. We started counting tunnels when we left Genoa, and counted 128 tunnels between Genoa and Pisa. However, I looked up to see if there was an official count of tunnels. I didn’t find one right off hand, but a person posted the he had counted 157.5 tunnels, if you count the tunnel at the boarder as a half tunnel on the Italian side, between the French/Italy boarder and Pisa. I remember some of the tunnels were 8 kilometers long.


    1. Oh my goodness that is a lot of tunnels. I thought this one was interesting because we were riding in a train at the top floor it had clear windows so you could see out and it was pit black in that tunnel except for the light at the end. I didn’t know that Italy and France had so many tunnels. I guess there was a lot of land to blast through. Tunnels are amazing to me. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that about them. 🙂

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