A new mini we see

What a sweet little miniature horse. We spotted him instantly.
This has become mine and Alex’s favorite past time going
to see the minis….Hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing minis.
Because we ❤ Mini Horses

This mini is a little bigger than the little black one and a little
more brave.

She’s so sweet, she’s thinking we should get some minis
for the back yard. 😂

Look at this one it literally stood there waiting for me to come pet it. I should have brought baby carrots with me. I noticed this one is losing its winter coat. She’s fuzzy. 💕

22 thoughts on “A new mini we see

  1. Not tired of seeing their pictures at all 🤗 they look so lovely and it’s like they are posting for the photo knowing that you are going to capture them LOL 🤩♥️

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    1. Yes they are a small horse breed called Miniature horses. They are very small and never get more than 36 to 38 inches. They are the sweetest. My daughter and I discovered them and fell in love! ❤


  2. You’re hooked. They are awfully cute. On the opposite side of small, the Albuquerque police department’s mounted patrol unit was downtown the other day. Their draft horses are taller than me at the wither, and I’m 6 feet tall. The horses are beautiful. If you’re interested here’s a link about them: http://apdhorseunitfund.org

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    1. Wow they are huge. Have you ever seen Percheron horses? They are the biggest at 16.2 to 17.3 HH and weigh from 1,800 to 2,600 pounds. I went to see a show of them. It’s funny to me that I like them really huge or the smallest of small. LOL Of course I like them normal sized too! 🙂

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      1. A young woman road a Percheron in one of our local parades. I don’t know she managed to get on it by how tall the horse was.

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      2. Oh so you’ve seen them up close too? I’m shocked at how large their backs are. I got a private showing of these gentle giants and the one I got to see came up to me and I’ll admit it unnerved me. He put his head down for me to pet him. 😀


      3. A lot of people were intimidated by the size of the horse. I walked up and petted it. Large horses tend to be confident and calm, which is good. Our Shetland ponies were ornery. One, named Frisky, kicked my brother in the head once, and I broke my elbow from a fall when one of the beasts was chasing me. Between horses and motorcycles, I barely survived my childhood.

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      4. Oh that’s funny. You were a dare devil. I’m thankful we’ve come to appreciate less broken bodies. 😀 That’s funny. You being tall probably wouldn’t bother you as much. I’m 5′ 7″ so I’m not short but that horse made me feel very small. 😀

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      5. Me a dare devil? Well I used to do Evel Knievel like-jumps on my motorcycle. I have a couple of friends that if you met them, the first thing they would tell you about was my motorcycle jumps. I guess the were impressive enough that 45 years later the first thing some of my friends think about are those crazy jumps.

        The fastest I got going on my racing bicycle was a bit over 70 mph while drafting off a tractor-trailer rig going down Nine Mile Hill into Albuquerque on Old Route 66 . That was only 20 odd years ago.

        One time when I was racing in a criterium (fast bicycle race on a short circuit), there was an off camber corner at the bottom of a hill. I had long cranks on my bike, and as I was coming out of the corner on one of the laps, I clipped my pedal against the pavement and went skidding into the crowd. A policeman who was clocking the speed of the racers as they rode into the corner came running up to me. He didn’t ask if I was okay. He showed me the reading on his radar gun and in a very excited voice said “Wow! You were going 35 MPH when you crashed.” I thanked him for telling me that as a gathered up my bike and walked off limping, my right side covered with blood from road rash.

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      6. OH my goodness. Tell me that was your last time to race motorcycles? I was going to ask if you raced motorcycles. My brother did the same thing but he liked to build ramps and jump. It was scary to watch him. Good thing you lived to tell about that Tim. So scary to think back or maybe it’s exhilarating for you. 😀 what do they say about our youth? I think there’s a saying but I won’t say. LOL 😀

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      7. The race where I crashed on the corner was on a bicycle, as was the 70 mph be hind the truck. I raced bicycles for years after that.

        I did race motorcycles when I was in my early teens. The fastest I ever rode on a motorcycle was 150 MPH on my 750cc street bike.

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    1. Oh yay I’m happy you think so too. ❤ Alex and I have had so much fun with them. I could sit for hours and watch them. ❤ They make me smile 😀 I love all their personalities each one is different and so sweet. ❤

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      1. Oh okay I will look that up. I was thinking I saw it once but maybe not. What I love most is that it’s given my daughter something she loves to do. I’ve been taking her out for drives every evening which is so wonderful and fun. She’s finally feeling better so I’m so happy about that ❤

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