And I thought I learned by now

And I thought I learned by now…and I did
When I find myself in same familiar circumstances
Going round and round on this fair ride

And I thought I learned by now…and I did
I can’t stop myself from watching and looking
I tried not to look, but it’s best for me to see

And I thought I learn by now…and I did
I don’t know who I was back then
Now my heart is older and I know it can break

And I thought I learned by now…and I did
Looking sometimes doesn’t hurt like it did
However that familiar sting reminds me that
I learned by now…and I did

I won’t forget

20 thoughts on “And I thought I learned by now

  1. We think we’ve learned and although we’ve learned, sometimes life’s seams split or it seems weget set on rewind and replay. But we have learned. Beautiful poem, Michelle.

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  2. What a lovely poem. It felt like a pilgrimage of some sort. Last week I stayed at a B &B near a place my father lived when I was 15 and it was a subway stop away from where he died. I decided to walk the entire area and though I thought it was all over, dusts here and there finally flew away by the end of my 6km walk. I love the photo you posted as well…a fair has settled at the mall across the street from my place for the weekend. I think I may try to get a few good shots of that ferris wheel [wink wink] Have yourself a glorious weekend, my friend , Cheryl-Lynn x


    1. Oh my gosh I love when you visit. Thank you Cheryl-lynn…I love our pilgrimages lead us to this beautiful place of clarity. i love that you have helped me so much and that this touched you.I’m feeling this way too. Maybe it’s our celebration of Father’s day in America, I tend to revisit my old stomping grounds maybe in spirit thankful I just don’t go back there because I carry those I love in my heart. ❤ So thankful for this and for you! please so take many photos and let me know! I want to see them my friend let's catch up! Much much love and big hugs! xoxo ❤

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      1. I have miss you too! I write more on the surface at my haiku blog or cryptic but I think I need to write more to Dear Emma to cleanse my soul more. I thinkyou are right about Father’s Day coming up and I had not realized that until you mentioned it. How the subconcious works in mysterious ways. I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers. I know you had a very special relationship with your father. Blessings, my dear xx

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      2. You know what? When I see you in whatever sense I always now it’s you. I feel our connection immediately so it’s a beautiful friendship we have. I love Dear Emma, I love your ability to see the bigger picture and our loving heart so much ❤ xxxBlessing and big hugs.

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    1. Awww thank you I actually added to it to fit how I am feeling. I try to express it and it always comes out in picture with words that linger and stick with me. I think sometimes we forget who we are. I like there remembering feeling. 🙂 Hope your day is going well Watt. 🙂

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