17 thoughts on “SMILE…Happy Day…SMILE

      1. I was thinking you did make them…read somewhere that you had made some quite a while back and pair them with the posts you are making now.

        There is something about them that make me think about 19th century sketches of flowers that artistically gifted botany students might make. I love those shades of purple and yellow combined and the way you made that sheer layer reveal the small print.

        These would be just lovely framed and hung on a wall in a Victorian country cottage! ❤


  1. Beautiful pictures ♥️ and yes smile is a very powerful tool. I’ve read that if we smile at a time we are really troubled, our brain identifies that smile as a positive sign and automatically makes us feel better. Just smile at a time when you don’t feel good. You’ll notice an immediate change in your body and brain, you will feel somewhat relaxed, happy and stress free!

    Have a nice day 🙂

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    1. I love when that happens and we feel the same vibrations that are like minded. Smiles are a beautiful thing 😃 sending a big one to you. Thank you for your comment 💜


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