Sometimes…I wander the streets of my mind

Sometimes I wander the streets of my mind
I notice along the way, the drifting of time
It seems like yesterday, I went this way
Or was it the day before?
It’s hard to really know
When thoughts tap upon my door
Come out they say, let’s play
And you know that’s what I do
Before you know I find myself
Whistling a tune or two
Something sweet like that

Ya know?

11 thoughts on “Sometimes…I wander the streets of my mind

    1. I created it. It’s part of the digital art I create. The inspiration for it comes from a childhood dream I have every now and then which looks much like this. I try to create the things I see and feel. All the images you see on my blog are photos taken by me and the art is created by me as well, and part of my design library. I’ve been a graphic designer, artist and illustrator most of my life. I share my more personal work here on WP. Thanks for asking Watt.

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