August 6, 2019 Birthday Moon

August 6, 2019 – Birthday Moon
I was thinking tonight, as I was shooting the moon,
all my friends and family see this very same moon. I hope you like this August 6, 2019, birthday moon shot by me…oh yes and God, He put it there.

I had the most awesome day today. Feeling Blessed. 🙂

16 thoughts on “August 6, 2019 Birthday Moon

  1. I seem to have been dropped from your following list. Well, I’m back!
    A belated happy birthday, Michelle!! So glad the day was awesome.
    P.S What was the flavor of the cake, moon? 😋

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    1. This happens to my blog on WP A lot. Not sure why I complained about it and still I’m left to hoping my connections were real enough not to be forgotten. Good thing I don’t have an ego problem. 😂

      Thank you for the birthday wishes, I celebrate bdays long, like maybe weeks. Today my Mums and my sweet nephew drove to spend the day with me. His birthday is Aug. 1 and mine 6th so we had the biggest ice cream sundae and 3 spoons. He said the sweetest thing…Aunt Micki when I get sad I’m going to get an ice cream sundae like this because it makes me so happy. But then I would be sad not to be with you. Gosh that boy gets my heart every time. I should have had more kids I miss the innocence and sweetness of young ones.
      I love Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. I also love moon pies. I don’t eat a lot of sweets so Birthday time I make sure everyone eats cake with me 🎂🦋🤗😘
      I missed your presence Watt.

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      1. Me too. I love Red Velvet Cake!! It’s my favorite ever!
        And yes, I believe we do have a real friendship. I was dropping by your blog and noticed that I wasn’t following you anymore. So, I fixed that.

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    1. I think so too… but mostly I loved that I noticed it. I had a huge day on my birthday, tons of gifts from my new co-workers they welcomed me with such wonder. I’m still getting gifts. I’m happy you noticed the August 6th moon with me, Eli 🙂


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