Gather the courage to grow

Gather the courage to grow. I hadn’t thought about it till now, but it does take courage to grow and face the truth of who we really are. Which is AwEsome, btw. Happy Saturday 🧡

11 thoughts on “Gather the courage to grow

  1. I see you are getting into short inspirational videos. Good morning, Michele. I hope all is well with you and Alex? How is Alex coming along? We are really busy and we can’t find new staff to help out.

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    1. Yes I am. I’m actually working on ones for the company I work for. They are for our social media sites. It’s fun playing,
      Alex is doing so much better. She got a job working back in the medical field. She’ll be working for a family practice doctor so we’ll see.
      It’s amazing you are having trouble finding people that want to work. Interesting problem isn’t it?

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      1. It’s not finding people who want to work, we have a shortage of architects and architecture graduates. All the architecture firms, including our firm, need architects, but there are none available. Back in 2016 through 2018 when things were really slow a lot of architects and architecture graduates left the state looking for work. Now that we have a lot of work, there are not enough architects and architecture graduates to fill all the openings. We need 5 to 8 people right now, and other firms are in the same situation.


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