26 thoughts on “Find you cloud zone

      1. Thank you Holly it’s been a long time coming. I was holding out for something that feels right. This firm actually are first responders to flood disasters and they buy out homes and secure FEMA funding so people can be relocated. It’s nice to be part of something that is helping communities recover and rebuild. Very long hours though but what else do I have to do? Alex moved out so it’s just me and the dog and cat. 😂😂🧡🥰💕🐾

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      1. I write down an outline to strike my memory if I decide to write it. Right now I am writing book 8 of the series I started writing books on. Plotting book 9. I have 5 other books plotted if I ever move from the series to another.

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      2. It really is. I’m working in downtown Tulsa for an engineering firm. Writing proposals and designing marketing campaigns. I love this firm I’m working with because they response to flood disasters to rebuild and restore what the recent flooding events in Oklahoma have destroyed. Keep on keeping on. ♥️💜


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