Marilyn Sue I love you…Dan

Mom said, “I’ll never forget the day I met your Pa, he showed up in a crisp white button down, tan pants and a navy blue jacket over his shoulder, and I’ll admit Micki your Pa was a sharp dressed men.” Dapper Dan they called him, I just called him Pa. I have only loved one woman in my life, your mother, my Pa told me. I like to imagine it was like this. Like a love story. I can do that cause I want to.

Today I present to the world my daughter~by my Pa

Today I present to the world my daughter She has eyes of blue and white golden hair. She’s ready in her little starched dress to begin her first day of school and I ask you old world be kind to her and treat her with care For she’s my daughter and has always been protected by me. It’s sad to think she will find other heros in the world besides me. Pa, I never did find a hero but you. You taught me how to be a fighter so I never looked to anyone… Read More

Man Cave…Pa’s place

This is the man-cave I don’t even know how to write man cave…Pa’s place… See itty bitty Ezra standing on the fishing dock waving at Crapa, he was 4. Hard to believe he’s 8 now and Pa’s been gone that long. Ezra thinks Crapa is here. I think he is too!  

Happy Father’s Day Mom from BB

This from BB: Happy Father’s day for the slack you pulled and the things you do that dad doesn’t I know this day is hard on you with losing your Pa and I want you to know I love you and I’m here for you! Then she took me out to lunch! I had decided to sleep all day, so this was nice! But still I miss you Pa. This is my 4th Father’s day without you! I was thinking about the last picture I took of you and you just said,… Read More

Happy Father’s Day Pa


A better place~Glen Campbell

I started blogging because of the lose of my Pa, and the Alzheimer’s, being his caregiver in the end watching his lose who he was and ultimately who I was. I remember in the early stages I was telling him about how I felt and I saw the blank look on his face…I misunderstood it as apathy but it wasn’t, when someone has Alzheimer’s they forget how people feel, they forget how they feel, they forget the human connection and simply react to the feeling of always wanting to go home. I’m… Read More

Gentle on my mind~Glen Campbell…The Band Perry

I have shared that my Pa had Alzheimer’s and the news of Glen Campbell really touched my heart because my Pa loved singing his songs so much! When I saw that The Band Perry re-mastered this song…it reminded me of what my Pa did…after his heart was broken he left in 1986 for the healing mountains of Colorado. He always said Micki you can take the man out of the mountain but you can never take the mountain out of the man. In 2007 he called me, signs of Alzheimer’s were present… Read More

My Pa spotted you scouting out lunch

I thought you might like to see a few of my Pa’s photos. I’ve been digging through his stuff again. I was sitting here thinking I wish I was there with him when he took this…. I guess I am and so are you! That is so cool to me!

Rocky Mountains of Colorado through my Pa’s eyes

Going through my Pa’s photos he left me I thought you might want to see what he saw! I love going through his photos and seeing things through his eyes.