Why I love Winter~it’s in my blood

This is my Pa, he loved to snow ski, ice skate and he played ice hockey he loved the cold! Autumn and Winter remind me of him so much! 💗❤️💜 Our family is from Finland the cold country!

My bro & I standing on the porch~Pa’s cabin

Something changed for my bro that day! I have tried to think what happened to him, what he must have thought the day he dug the hole to bury our Pa. Something changed that day in me and something changed in him. Shortly after this photo was taken he left our family. We all heal in different ways. I have since been in contact with him but very limited. I was thinking of him today as I do every day. I hope and pray he has found peace in his heart. He’s… Read More

Let you be privy to the Privy~Quote from Pa

“This little place is all we own~and wish to keep it neat~So please be kind with your behind~Don’t S#%t upon the seat”~Pa

Pa’s Hunting Cabin~Man Cave 3

Pa’s Hunting Cabin~Man Cave 2


Passing of the Privy~by my Gpa Art

This is a scan of my GrandPa Art’s poem about the outhouse/privy. Just in case you didn’t know what a privy is…. My Gpa Art would recite poetry and also every kid had a talent to share with the family around the camp fire. My Pa of course sang! Most of my family is musically inclined. But my Gpa was a poet and known for his weaving of words about the simple things.

The Things I didn’t do~by my Pa to my Mom

I don’t want to be your savior I’ve lived the life I knew I can’t take back the pain It’s been certain, not to you I didn’t rape the wilderness Or steal the air we breath I didn’t take God at his word and So to you I apologize for The things I didn’t do And that’s always on my heart Our children will realize That said, “I love you ever still.” Before my Pa passed he told me that the only woman he ever loved was my mother. He left me… Read More


Every person we are in close relationship with makes deposits into our lives and we make deposits into their’s. Our parents deposited into our lives, friends deposit into our lives, loved one makes lasting deposits. I ask you, “Are those good deposits, bad deposits or are they just meaningless deposits?” I don’t want to waste my time with meaningless deposits. What kind of deposits are you making?   Parents know this, they don’t want other children making bad deposits into their child’s life. We are known by the company we keep.  Regardless of… Read More

Autumn memories hold you

Autumn memories hold you Autumn dreams unfold you Autumn days I miss you Autumn memories hold you I am still MichelleMarie