9 thoughts on “Still here

      1. WP does that. You have an office in Delhi? That is cool. It is not hot through the year. We have a nice winter (that is not cold by Chicago standards), with very heavy fog in January. April-June are the really hot months. July-September are nice months – if it rains! Delhi, by the way has dry climate. What I hate is hot-humid climate like we have in the southern parts of India. Where I grew up, we used to get snow in November. That does not happen in that small hill town anymore. Tourists and pollution have ensured that


      2. Yeah. I lived in Bombay for about 10 years. Not all at one time. I started my school life there, before my dad was posted to England. I also started my career there, and I also started photography there!
        There have been many times in Bombay, when I have had to wade in waist deep water. Oh, I am old enough to call the city Bombay. I refuse to call it Mumbai.

        But, does it get to -20 C where you live? Which part of the US do you live in, by the way? I am not very familiar with the geography of the US. I have an idea, but not a good one. The country seems so very remote to me!


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