Honesty and transparency…


Honesty and transparency
make you vulnerable
Be honest and
transparent anyway
Mother Teresa


19 thoughts on “Honesty and transparency…

  1. Mother Teresa was a hero. She was very vulnerable and transparent. That doesn’t mean she has to confess to everyone- -as if everyone is her personal confessor and shrink– every last detail of her personal business. That’s not what transparency is. I can’t believe someone found a way to insult a woman who devoted her life to God’s poorest of the poor. Amazing.

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    • Awe thank you for saying that. I used to delete comments like that but now I leave them because people are entitled to their opinion. Mother Teresa and her little book helped me so much and my daughter ended up waking up it was a miracle so I’ll take the sweetness of that precious woman because no one can refute personal experience! My girl is a walking talking miracle had I not run across Mother Teresa’s little book I would not have been able to sit 28 days in a hospital waiting for my girl to recover! Thank you Michele so much~<3


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