June 17, 2019 Strawberry Moon

Due to all the storms I struggled to get a decent shot with the clouds I had to focus right on the moon then I lost the clouds. See blow my attempts.

My view from the back porch. No stars were present due to the clouds of course.

Not sure why this is called a Strawberry Moon, it’s more golden I think.


10 thoughts on “June 17, 2019 Strawberry Moon

  1. Excellent. It was cloudy when the full moon came up the other night, so it had its normal color by the time it got high enough to peak through the clouds. The moon came up late last night, but with all the smoke, it was probably really orange. Venus was orange.

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    1. Thank you Tim, I’m happy you like them. We’ve had so many storms it’s hard to catch the moon here too. I love when Venus shows up. I notice it more around dusk is it the same for you? Also the longest day is today I think.

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