I realized today

I am not the woman with a sick kid, nor the woman who is sick herself! That last part is something that I hide but it is not me! It is part of my story but not who I am! Something about that is freeing! 😄 I think most of my life I have thought of myself as property because I was treated as such, but I am not any of those things! They are part of my story I will stop telling now! Because I grow tired in the telling! Almost as if it validated me as a human but it never did!
Just sharing!

9 thoughts on “I realized today

  1. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this about Alex. Tell her to take it real slow. We tend to think all is just fine in a few days but the brain needs time to mend…so easy does it…no superwoman stuff…glad she is working in a health facitility where they will understand if she needs extra time. Big hugs to you both…I know how we worry no matter how old they are:) xx

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