24 thoughts on “Not all who Wander are Lost

      1. Getting lost?
        I got lost always when I have a walk in the woods, that is if I wander off far from the usual track. And then using my compass app in my handphone to help me going to the right on didn’t really help because I ended up on the other side of the hill! LOL


      1. Same to you B. BB has been tough today she went to the doctor and she doesn’t have any movement in that right lung. Her doctor said she was going to send her back to the hospital but she didn’t want to go. I definitely am switching hospitals next time. So it’s been a day! : D xoxo

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      2. I hope you’re looking after you; in exhaustion, you won’t be able to function. I hope and pray all goes well for BB and all this is figured out so she can begin recovery. I love you. xo

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