18 thoughts on “My stormy Oklahoma sunrise

  1. This is a stunning photograph. I certainly hope the weather has improved over there. I thought of you when the terrible storms and flooding were coming your way!

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    1. Awe thank you. We seem to be out of that weather storm pattern now. All the rivers are at flood stage. Alex was going camping but they couldn’t because the water is up to the campgrounds. Amazing how weather affects what we do. I hope you got the much needed rain there. Xx

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      1. We have had rain two days in a row. Today is beautiful, cool and not a cloud i the sky, the grass is green and the flowers blooming! Thanks for thinking of us, we are still under a wildfire alert. :/

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    1. Yes it feels like that! We’ve had so many storms. I love that this one blew throw. I live close to the Kansas border so I get to watch them literally blow over! Truly amazing! Thank goodness it will not be stormy today calls for sun! Yay! Hope yours is warmer too! 🙂

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