God bless the broken ones

I was broken…I’m not going to say I wasn’t…I was…I’m not anymore…however I am drawn to the broken ones…the flowers that maybe aren’t as bright and healthy like this little purple flower. She looked a little shy, maybe her stem wasn’t tall and strong like mine. I kinda like this little flower out of all the big bright flowers my girl gave me today! I’ve spent the afternoon photographing them and I ended up with this. I like being less shiny, less seen. I just like growing here! With you!~ღ~

6 thoughts on “God bless the broken ones

  1. I echo that. 💖. I think we all have broken bits inside, though. Because of the impermanence of life. I think the key is to start identifying with our souls, and love other people’s souls instead of just the shell. 💖💖

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    1. Gosh yes me too! I love that outlook the key is to look inside! Our shells change so much it seems! 🙂 Sometimes without even knowing it. I love your comment sweet Trini! Have a wonderful weekend! Be blessed. ❤


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