19 thoughts on “Tall murals

    1. Hi hi I haven’t been posting much or sharing too much. My company recently was bought by a corporate raider and all seniors art directors, editors and publishers were laid off. They plan to sell off the publications so I guess I’m still reeling from the way it all took place. My Uncle suddenly passed away so my sister and I drove our mother to Ohio. I’m staying with my mom just till tomorrow because she doesn’t want me to leave. Someone said I can’t wait for things to return to normal but my normal has changed and I find myself a little lost. I am still under contract for 2 months and then after that I will get paid severance. So that’s good. I needed a break but not like a permanent one. I was thinking I may do something completely different when I do start looking for a job. ❤️🌹 sigh

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      1. You’ve are having some very trying times my friend. I’m so sorry for the loss of your uncle and the upheaval. My company was once taken over by corporate raiders from out in Tx. They kept me on but I found another job as soon as possible because They were not the kind if company I wanted to work for. I’m sure you will move into something good and it will turn out to be for the best. I’m really sorry you are going through this rocky time. Try to relax and take advantage of getting some time for yourself. Sending big hugs 🤗 I’m thinking of you and your Mom ♥️🦋


      2. Awe thank you. It’s helps to know others who have experienced this. I think the ones that stayed will get it next and then they will sell everything off. It’s crazy and unexpected but I know like you said I’ll get something else. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words big hugs and love to you xoxo 💜❤️🦋🤗

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