My moms yard

I’ve been swimming a lot and noticing how every corner of my moms yard has something that catches my attention.

This is a canning shed. My mom uses it to park her mower but years ago it was used to store food that was canned from the summer gardens. Funny how we don’t do that anymore.

I have probably seen every kind of bird imaginable in my moms yard. This is one of the fire pits she built, looks like this bird is waiting for something.

13 thoughts on “My moms yard

  1. Great shots Michelle. The shed is fascinating and familiar. As a child I helped my Grandma can veggies and fruit ( in Bell jars ) . She stored them in a dark closet that locked from the outside . Once my cousin locked me in there , I’ve been claustrophobic ever since. The flowers are gorgeous! Have a lovely Sunday. ♥️

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