Abstract love

Show me see your abstract art
Searching my libraries I realized
While I have no “abstract art” per’ se
My life is a tapestry of art you see
I have opened & left my heart is free
Here on these pages and  WP posts
My Abstract love and soul

23 Comments on “Abstract love

    • AWH thank you. You got me thinking about abstract design again. I love that. I think sometimes I get stuck doing the same thing. Thanks for your inspiration. Happy Friday friend (◡‿◡✿)

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      • You got that part right for sure! I think when someone has a fresh perspective it tells me a lot of how I’m being perceived which I love that type of feedback. Happy Friday to you 🙂

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      • On WordPress, we get likes and positive feedback, very rare does someone really make you look at things differently in a constructive way. Being a published author, I want the constructive criticism to learn and grow. Happy Friday to you!


      • I’ve been in the publishing business for 25+ years so I know what you mean. You develop thick skin. I’ve had a few mean spirited people but they don’t stay around long when you are sharing love and light. I think they do help us to grow more. My toughest critics end up usually being my friends I find. 😀 LOL That made me laugh.

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      • I published magazines. I’ve also worked with authors to design, illustrate, edit and publish their books. I love working with author’s manuscripts, I’ve just finished my 5th book. I think the thing I love most about it is seeing people sharing their hearts. The last one I did was so sweet it was for the Commander of the DAV, a Vietnam veteran who’s son wrote stories about his hero dad. I’m forever changed by that one. We owe a debt of gratitude to them. That’s why I accepted the position I am starting soon, one of my blessings is to work with Wounded Warriors and March of Dimes. I really want to make a difference in people’s lives. Even in a small way. I feel we are here to help others.

        I’ll have to check out your books. I noticed you have a link to that on your posts. Yay for you. 🙂

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      • That’s really cool…yes I self published mine and used an app to create the covers. I believe I’m ready to submit my work to a publisher. Thank you Michelle! I’m sure you could help me, but I’m sure you are quite busy.


      • Oh okay that’s good that you did this. I have a dear friend who quit his job and solely set about to be published from a publishing company. Nothing makes me smile more than when someone is doing what they love.
        I for sure think you should submit your manuscripts for publishing. Then you will get the feedback you need.
        I’m not busy now but I think I will be. I’m have to take breaks between books so I can refuel. You can email if you feel to. You can get my email from the gold portion of my comments. 🙂

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      • Great! Good to know. Yes, I wanted to try the self publishing route first and have some success. But I’m confident enough now and my writing has evolved. I do have a unique vision as a writer, have all kinds of ideas. But I appreciate your support and will look for your email!

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