9 thoughts on “Postcard to your heart & soul

  1. Happy Spring to you also, MM. Here’s hoping the flowering trees are still flowering tomorrow after our freeze tonight! I wonder why it still surprises me that each lovely day is followed by rain and cold weather? Sorry, just having some bad times here. 🦋🌻🌼🌹🌷🎵💜💙🧡♥❤💘💖😇


    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t answer this. I just remembered that I had planned to message you and didn’t. So sorry. I hope now that Spring is visiting you and you are doing okay! You sure are a strong woman. I admire that about you! Sending love, prayers and warm hugs Angel friend! ❤

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      1. I’ve been falling down on the job lately Sweet Friend. At least on the online part of the job. I’m spending most of my time working on dolls and quilts now, sit down jobs that I don’t have to be afraid I’ll fall while doing. I guess I’m really extremely afraid now, not a feeling I’m liking but at least it keeps me more focused on what I’m doing when up and moving around. BTW, my phone number has changed. I’ll messenger you with the number and just to make sure I don’t forget I’ll do it as soon as I get off the computer. Very soon now after looking at the clock and realizing I’ve been online for several hours and my butt’s getting numb. Love Ya. 😇💝💖🌺

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