Rules of the rain

Did you know the rain has rules?
Well…when you live in Oklahoma you quickly
Learn how to spot tornadoes and also
Awesome cloud shots sprinkled with rainbows

The right side of the rainbow

The left side is very faint but it’s there along with the yellow storm sky.

I love a storm.

18 thoughts on “Rules of the rain

    1. Thank you and we have had plenty of storms lately haven’t we? I hope your area is drying up. I drove by the lake yesterday and noticed the levels are down to normal here so hopefully that means it will be that way downstream where you live. ❤ I'm about ready for sunshine though ❤ 🙂

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    1. Hi Eli and thank you for that. I always looks up in fact I stop my car a lot to enjoy beautiful clouds and things I see. Takes me forever to get somewhere. Alex complains but one day she will love that I do this! I know it LOL 😀


    1. Oh okay. I don’t think I said blame it on the rain. I was talking about the weather and how I see the sky, hence the photos and many others on my blog! Thanks for your comment Have a great day!


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