The Sunshine Blogger award-from Watt

Watt over at Piers of Beauty and Gaze nominated me for
✿The Sunshine Blogger award.✿ I hope I’m doing this right. ☺

Here are the questions Watt requested we answer:

  • What is one thing that separates you from all your screw ups, almost immediately? My kindness and my laugh. I laugh very loud. I love to laugh and if you know me well you know I like to laugh at myself because I do some really goofy funny things.
  • How much do you love people? Other people, people that you believe are pieces of you? I love full on like a puppy dog. If I love you I will reach out for your hand or throw my arm around you. I also make sure I say I love you each time we part just in case because you never know life is too short to wait for the right moment.
  • Lastly, what would you call worse; a pulmonary embolism or an intracranial hematoma. The answer is pretty simple, in my opinion. Well a pulmonary embolism is a blood clot in the lungs which my daughter had once and it was scary as all get out. An intracranial hematoma would be scary and I have a friend who lived through it but definitely I think that one is the worse because while both can take you out of here that one is for sure an instant emergency. 

I’ve made so many lovely friends and read a lot of blogs on WP, I feel many make me feel sunshine so I would like to send this out to everyone who reads this. If you are here and we talk, visit and share I consider you a friend and it would be hard for me to choose one or a few!

Watt I hope that’s okay with you. Thanks for the award. Here’s a sunrise from my backyard for you! ✿ Have a beautiful day ✿

22 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger award-from Watt

  1. It was great to read your answers! I am sorry to read that about your daughter, that must have been so scary!
    I can relate, in that I laugh very easily as well! 🙂
    Oh my gosh, that photo is utterly gorgeous. Just perfect for the post!

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    1. Thank you life with her hasn’t been easy but we get by. Definitely a walk of grace.
      I think it’s wonderful you laugh easily too. Sometimes my girl says mom you aren’t funny, but I swear I think I am. LOL 😀
      Thank you for your visit and the follow! ❤ Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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      1. You are so right…life is a walk of grace.

        haha that is hilarious. I unashamedly laugh at my own jokes 🙂
        It’s my pleasure. I thought I was following you already…WP can be such a bewildering place 😝
        Thank you, you too!

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      2. OH gosh I was just talking to a friend that had trouble commenting on a post and I had trouble commenting on theirs the other day! I think WP does a lot of updates which causes glitches maybe! I used to try to contact them directly but that never got results. I think we are powerless to the changes and as creative we adapt to get our sharing in. ❤ Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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      1. BTW Speaking of Sunshine. I hired a young woman named Sunshine as a runner in 1992. She was 18 when I hired her. She and I and a couple of other staff members were in an office discussing something on my 36th birthday. Sunshine said she thought 36 was really old, and that she could not imagine being 36. I asked her what she was going to do when she turned 36. She announced to all in the room that she would shoot herself before she got that old. Sunshine was a very smart and capable young woman, and moved on to other jobs. Eighteen years later, she ended up working with a long-time friend of mine who I met for lunch every six months or so to catch up on things. One lunch he said “I believe you know Sunshine?” I told him “Oh yes, she hasn’t shot herself?” and proceeded to tell him the story. I told him to tell her she was due to shoot herself, and she could borrow any caliber she liked. The next time my friend and I had lunch, Sunshine wanted him to let me know she was young and foolish at 18, and had since reconsidered her vow to shoot herself before she turned 36. Too bad a lot of young people can’t seem to figure out that they are and were foolish.

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      2. What a name. I know what you mean. I see a lot of foolishness when 18-25 speak. They really don’t know much about the world until they have some age on them. I’m happy that she didn’t shoot herself that does seem so extreme don’t it?

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