How our gardens grow

A lot of orange and yellows🧡💛 Alex and I have had so much fun planting and creating new gardens this spring and summer. Lots of porch sitting going on at our house. 🧡💛

These came back so nicely this year. Cornflowers they smell like a flower shop. 🧡❤️💛
Star gazer lilies & Victorian yarrow 🧡💕
Alex planted these. 🧡💛
Our newest garden friend 🐓

10 thoughts on “How our gardens grow

  1. I know I posted a comment earlier about the Lilies, but I’m coming back around for a second look. So much color. I absolutely love flowers, especially the close-up views where you can see all their intricate details. You have a beautiful porch for sitting and enjoying 🙂

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