To Michelle~Love Belinda~To Belinda


To Michelle~Love Belinda~To Belinda

B my heart misses you so much and I saw this card on desk and this stood out to me for some reason and I picked it up and read it and suddenly my heart wanted to tell you how much it misses you. Those “Happy Tears” you speak of flow now as I type. Thank you for sending them those Happy Healing Tears. I love you!
Thank you for all the gifts you bring into my life. I’m sending this back to you with Love and Happy Healing Tears that flow! You said once, “when hearts are connected they never forget the love”. I believe that B. We are evidence of that. 3 years and I’m thankful for you.

I love you,

P.S. I’m listening to this song called Handiwork of God.




6 thoughts on “To Michelle~Love Belinda~To Belinda

  1. You have a way of reaching right into a soul and touching a heart. How blessed I am by your friendship. I actually remember this card, which thrills me in itself, grin. I love you. On day, dancing shoes, still polished, grab our group and have so much fun, lots to look forward to. xoxo I love you. Thank you for the reminder and uplifting.


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