but there are bunnies…I can smell them

buttherearebunnies copy

Angel loves bunnies. They live in the field and eat that clover right at the edge. I watch for them and make noise so they will run before Angel sees them. She loves to chase them. She stops of course because I trained her to but it’s so funny to watch her sniff the air to smell for them! I wonder what bunnies smell like?

P.S. Bling I thought you might enjoy this one!

16 thoughts on “but there are bunnies…I can smell them

      1. And OK! leaving just above the sea on the beaches, the weather is conducive


      2. I am glad that you came back to me
        So for me everything okay 🙂
        And as the days go by you?


      3. In my week somehow flies
        I hope that on vacation to relax
        heart from me to you ❤


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