15 thoughts on “Take a bow…thank you

    1. Oh yes they are. I love roses. And all smiley flowers. I have most of my flowers in my front gardens! They are a lot of work but I love them. These just spring up and surprise me because I forget where I plant them. Happy yellow surprise! 💛🌼

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      1. I have to many flowers in the garden that some part I do not have to really mend them. Unless those in the pots and those that are planted right on the beds. I got lots of those wild flowers in front of the field down the hills at the back garden and also at the front yard. But it is most beautiful to see when it comes to spring in the early spring season and the birds loudly chirping everywhere – it is the most lovely time for me. I just so love it.

        Oh, and I got dozens of flower photos in my desktop. I think my digital album are overloaded from it. Few of the good ones I printed it out to hang this on the walls of my house and some use as self-made postcard. Cannot get enough of flowers!


  1. I’m so loving your background here. So cheerful and bright, and all your art, right? Wow! Genius Angel now!
    Did I mention that I have now crossed over to secondary-progressive MS? The time I spent paralyzed, according to my MS nurse, was the warning sign, so please pray this phase lasts a looong time, because after that it will be primary progressive and that one is end stage. I’m using the logo you created for me last year, and still love it. An early start on March, MS Awareness Month.
    I’m coloring my world with springtime, so much needed right now. Needless to say, I think I’m scared now.
    Eyes only Angel, Love you.


    1. OH gosh Angel friend! I’m shocked and scared too! You never told me this. OMG this is so scary. Oh no. This worries me so much for you! I’m so scared for you! I pray that God heal you and thank him for it. I’ll pray for you everyday a long with my girl! Wow. I hope you have that MS art. If you don’t I’ll post it again. So scary. I love you!


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