12 thoughts on “Loving yourself is not selfish

  1. I saw the title and before I read the rest, I was going to say “You can only love others if you truly love yourself” lol. And that’s why I will never love another person. Not only that, who wants someone who will be tied to a wheelchair soon. Well, not tied as such, that would be cruel and very “Saw” like. Although I suppose there are some situations where it could be interesting, like going down a hill. As long as you have access to the brakes, what could go wrong? And that has taken a completely different direction to where this comment first started lol


  2. I believe that, too. Loving others or anything we do unto or towards others is merely an extension of us. Thus, it is only from that self love, an extension of that, can our love for others can come. ☺ It’s difficult to give from an empty cup. ❤


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