Life in Pieces

I laid my life’s pieces at the feet of the puzzle master
She picked them up and held them…
dusted them off…
loved them…
like magic…
the pieces fell into place
I’ve never been the same
I never want to be~ღ


14 thoughts on “Life in Pieces

      1. Actually, the City is messing up a good portion of Old Route 66 with the Albuquerque Rapid Ride. It’s pure idiocy that no one wanted, but the the city did it anyway using municipal development bonds the don’t need voter approval. It’s the City’s version of a transit boondoggle like the State’s Rail Runner boondoggle.

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      2. Oh my gosh that won’t be good for the little town along the Route. Their business will drop off don’t you think? Why do city governments do things that people don’t want? They must be getting something out of it.

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      3. Business have been struggling and many have already gone under because of the construction. Central has been reduced from 4 to 3 lanes from Nobhill to the westside. There is a bus lane in the center for the rapid ride and a lane on either side for cars. There’s a $500 fine for driving in the bus lane or crossing the center bus lane to make a lefthand turn. I rarely went to Nobhill, now I never go to Nobhill.


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