You make things beautiful

When I first started sharing my art and the heart things I built the entire scene.
Tonight I was revisiting my art and I called it “tellmeaboutit.” I love mommas
and babies. My entire blog and sharing has been about my baby girl and the
lose if my Pa. It grew from this and I’m in a different place in my life now.
Maybe sharing this art…healed me. I’ve always believed art is healing.
Maybe it is.

22 thoughts on “You make things beautiful

    1. Oh my Elizabeth I cannot imagine the pain of losing you daughter. My heart goes out to you. My daughter has been very ill since she was little and we’ve almost lost her so I cannot begin to know the pain of losing a daughter. I love that you channel your grief into art. That’s so amazing to me. I do the same thing. Sending a little prayer and hug to you today! So happy to know you here! ❀ xxx

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  1. So glad to hear. Although there will probably still be dark days, but you are through the worst of it, and sharing your imagery has been wonderful for us as well M Thank you


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