Have a good morning beautiful kind of day

Have a good morning beautiful kind of day 🧡Enjoying my Oklahoma sky. Me and my dog and this great cup of coffee.

18 Comments on “Have a good morning beautiful kind of day

  1. Such a gorgeous Oklahoma day! Lovely photograph, thanks so much for sharing it. Enjoy your day Michelle, sending love your war 🤗💜


  2. that is lovely and will do! i’m waking up with a cup of coffee this morning, sitting next to a beautiful bay in northern michigan. i love when days begin like this –

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    • Awe thank you. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not to you but I was laid off from my job is 17 years. I’m taking a little break from working so I have more time to see what I want to do in this next chapter of my life. It’s really nice sending hugs right back at cha ❤️💕💖💝💞💘💗

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      • Ah! Sorry about that…..but, it is well that one looks for the positive…as you seem to be doing. Something will come up….no doubt. Good for you to take a little time for yourself to reflect…discern a New Way. Be thinking of you…..💕💕❤❤😘😘


  3. Gorgeous… Thank you for brightening the world by sharing your Oklahoma sky. You even made my coffee taste better. A beautiful morning to you as well.

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