The Other Side… …of You!

I see the other side of You… …like Heart Surveillance

15 Comments on “The Other Side… …of You!

    • Actually theses are Queen Anne’s lace and Oklahoma wildflower 🙂 I really love them! Thank you for your kind comments! 🙂


      • thank you very much, and good to know that in Okla >>> homa wildflower gives, in berlin and brandenburg at the time we have a lot of wild boar and rats. (of course without flower in our lives is not,)
        ! Thank you for your kind reply !! 🙂


      • Oh wow wild boars how scary that would be to see one. Wow. Better stay in the house. 🙂 Happy weekend to you. 🙂


      • yes, there is so scary to see until recently, has allowed free hunting permission, I do not eat it I hunts not, there are also a lot of wild boar, even car accidents, also I drive slowly.
        that is a blazon. in Berline Land !!!

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      • That reminds me of deer accidents. We have a lot of deer that run out in front of cars. They sure mess your car up. Amazing how man and beast collide ☺️

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      • i may have had someone who had an accident with a rehe, after he gave the whole deer to his wife in the kitchen (fun)
        Thank you very much and drive carefully. and stay healthy.

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