Mom do you like my hair?

Alex came out of the bathroom and asked me if I liked her hair. It’s been so hot I decided not to straighten mine, I looked at her I said, “Hi Skip.” She said, OMG we look like Grammy.” Yep 😂 We were channeling Skip today. 😂😂

I’ve always looked like my Mom which I love. It’s so funny to me that Alex looks like me, like I look like my Mom.

Here’s me without sunglasses and my hair curly. I don’t know why I thought that was funny but Alex sure got a kick out of it. We both called each other Skip. 😂

41 thoughts on “Mom do you like my hair?

    1. You know I should just stop straightening mine. I thought for some crazy reason it looked more professional but truly it’s so much work and I can just wash my hair and let it dry on it’s own. Maybe I’ll just do that. I like braids too.


  1. What a lovely pair of Skips you make. My hair used to curl like yours. When we lived in Spain, where is is more humid, but still dry for Europe, my long, gypsy hair fell in ringlets like yours and Alex’s. My hair is so thin that in New Mexico’s dry climate it frizzes out, so I keep it fairly short.

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    1. Skip thanks you 😂 I hear a lot that I’m like my mom and it’s fine with me. It’s kinda funny because I never can figure out what I did that is like her. 😂
      I’m trying to picture you with long hair. I like shorter hair in guys. Weather does have a lot to do with how our hair looks I think. 😂

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      1. I might cross the bound, but is that your daugther? I dont´n know much in life, that is what I know that i don´t know…anyways, I am a too good guy, so if it is your doughter you might as well just give subtle clues like ¨ There this MAN that writes perfectly and he is very rich, do you want to check him ou?¨ I don´t know woman, but it seems the geens are sort of perfect…

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      2. You are so sweet Charly. Yes that is my daughter. I’m not sure what you were asking so I’ll leave that to further comments. I love that you asked. 🙂 Thank you.


      3. I´m a sweet dummy, having a great Thursday since today( can´t sleep so woke up at 5 a.m) I´ll see my mother. That are moments you have to cherish as a person, she´s not going to be around forever, actually she might out live me, better that.


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