Have you ever felt like you have been pruned by The Master Gardener? All the dead stuff cut away, or perhaps the not so fruity parts of your life pruned and cut away so they can bare more fruit ? Well I have and so has my garden! I was thinking today how sometimes we have to cut away what seems to the eye a good product but pruning allows for newness to grow and everything looks different and feels different because it is.

My butterfly bushes are going crazy this year. I really cut them back and they are blooming out of their spaces this year. 🦋 Come on butterflies. 🦋💜 I’m hoping for the same in my life. 🙏🏼

15 thoughts on “Pruned

      1. It’s been rainy here every day. The usual afternoon summer storms. The flowers are grass are growing wild ! When I’m in my phone I can’t leave messages at your site , only on my laptop or in notifications at my blog, like now. So if you see me there with no comment that’s why. 💜💜😎 btw the pic of you and your daughter is so cute. You really look alike. 😊

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      2. This keeps happening to me too when I use my phone app. I’m not sure why this is happening. It’s so crazy. I’m also having trouble commenting on many sites from my computer. I’ve tried everything like logging out but I’m not sure what’s changed with their apps.
        I know what you mean about the rain. Our rain seems to fall at night so that’s good. Makes the days really humid. Thank you for your comment Alex and I. We do look alike. It cracked her up just how much. 😂😂 Have a beautiful day Holly 💜❤️🦋

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