Today I’m thankful for clouds

Today I’m thankful for clouds. They give up a respite from the hot summer heat. They provide us with cleansing rain drops. I love rain, I love Fall and Winter. Summer I’m breaking up with you!! 😊

40 thoughts on “Today I’m thankful for clouds

  1. thanks for putting a spotlight on clouds, I love it. It’s all about contradictions. And it’s wonderfull to be able to see all colors and patterns of life. It’s so easy to see beauty in anything. I do find beauty in your words and pictures, thanks so much for sharing! Sovely

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    1. I love your name Sovely. As I’m reading your words they feel like my own. How very interesting this is for me to read and feel like your expression mirrors my own. Wow! I’m going to read more of your blog right now! Thank you so much for reading and visiting my posts. You touched my heart, Sovely! 🙂 💜

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