Memories hold you

Memories hold you

Thoughts of you unfold me

I can still hear your voice

What about me, where will I go?

I can’t remember my response

I knew at that moment as

Your word nestled inside my heart

Christmas never comes without

Stirring up your words

I love how memories hold you

The sweetness of the bittersweet

Thoughts of you like that

27 thoughts on “Memories hold you

    1. MM, got this comment for you on this post I reblogged on WWTTM.
      From: Jasmine Washington
      This was really inspirational for me reading this. It gave me the confidence to actually make my first post to my blog. I hope it will be as remarkably successful as yours when it comes to engaging and keeping readers. May you have many blessings infinity times. Have an outstanding 2020! Happy New Year!

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