what I did and do for…Love


What I did and do for. . .Love
I didn’t realize it till later
I did and do all this for Love
at the very core is this pure Love
It reaches out and hugs me
It looks like this to me
and feels oh so worth it…
all of it…Love

11 thoughts on “what I did and do for…Love

      • Hello Michelle. It always good to hear from you. I’ll be looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m out running errands. Ugh. 😀


      • Oh boy I stopped doing everything except working and whatever Alex needs. I sometimes ran out of food and all the stuff I need I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I even cut my hair myself because it was way too long and I kept pulling it laying on it. So one night I just whacked it all off. No one even noticed. So funny to me. LOL

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      • LOL! Well it sounds like some things got a way from you. You must’ve gone a decent job on the haircut for no one to notice. Suttle clips. LOL! Remember you must get food! 😃. Lord knows you have been through sine tough times, and I know you’ve been taking good care Alex! I will continue to pray. I love you Michelle!💖🌺🌷


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