19 thoughts on “🌼Have a beautiful day🌼

      1. Yes really, i hope i can send you the datafile. So you can also print the cup by yourself, if you want to do. But dont show it in the cafe. I think such things normally need to be licensed. 😉

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      2. That’s true you are much more north then I am. It’s defiantly warmer here now. I hope for warmer weather for you too. Funny till you mentioned it I never noticed this cup had a waffle design, 😂😊🌼


      3. He had learned it by himself a few years ago, because nowhere had been courses for this. Only traditional work of architects has been teachted this time. I am standing here, like the donkey in front of the mountain. He has the three-dimensional imaginative power that is apparently needed to be able to use this software.

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      4. Well yes I can imagine that it does take a lot of imagination. I think that is wonderful. My brother design guitars. He has his own business on eBay. We both have interesting brothers 😊🌼🌼


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