Born this night in June

Born this night in June
Wasn’t April, nor Harvest Moon
That caused me to swoon
When I saw your smile
And sweet sweet face
I knew at that moment
I had nothing to give you
But all my heart
I could count
On one hand those
I’d given complete
Endless access to my heart
I gave it gladly
It was all I had to give
Thank you for making me
Your Momma sweet baby girl
My Alexanderia, my heart
Born this night in June

Every year I tell my girl the story of her birth because it started today June 28, @ 9 am. My water broke and the fun times began and have never stopped. When I look back today over her entire life the one abiding feeling is constant and unconditional love. It changed me, because love changes everything. ~ღ~ So thankful
~ღ~Happy Birthday baby girl ~ღ~

35 thoughts on “Born this night in June

  1. Beautiful poem. Alex is beautiful. Happy Birthday, Alex. Happy memories of Alex’s birth, Michelle. Wishing both of you joy and happiness on this very special day.

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    1. Hi Tim and thank you. Birthday 🎂 week has begun. We always have birthday week so we can do whatever she wants it’s hard to cram into one day. 🦋💜 I got her a butterfly 🦋 cake I pick it up today. Yay. Happy Friday to you 💜🦋🙋🏼‍♀️

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